Fellows MIT Campus Retreat in Pictures

Fellows MIT Campus Retreat in Pictures


We ended this semester with a a campus retreat which we wanted to share in pictures.  We have many documentarians in our group who meticulously captured the experience in photos and video. 

For the second year in a row, we brought in the Open Documentary Lab hybrid fellows for a 3-day campus visit in early December. Having spent the semester on Zoom together, now they would finally meet  in person and have an opportunity to explore MIT and participate in workshops, lectures and screenings together. 

It’s a thrilling moment when they arrive on the MIT campus and see each other in person for the first time and the thrill continued for the three days and we hope far into the future.


December 6th, Morning

ODL fellows and members meet after travelling from as far as Kenya and as close as the next street over. They start with a tour of the MIT Campus.

MIT ODL folks in the lab space                                   Photo Credit: Pierre Christophe Gam

From left to right Ryat Yezbick, Pierre-Christophe Gam, Joanna Wright, Ruoyun Chen, Rashin Fahandej, Meghna Singh, Mehvish Ali, Kidus Hailesilassie, Sahar Sajadieh, Simon Wood, Max Musau. In back: Milad Mozari, Sarah Wolozin, Halsey Burgund.


Crossing Massachusetts Avenue                                                     Photo Credit: Mehvish Ali

Admiring the MIT Chapel                                                                Photo Credit: Lori Landley

Group photo in front of MIT Dome                  Photo Credit: Simon Wood

Left to right: Ryat Yezbick, Sarah Wolozin, Ambar Reyes Lopez, (first row) Pierre Christophe Gam, Kidus Hailesilassie, Joanna Wright, Lori Landay, Meghna Singh, Halsey Burgund, Sahar Sajadieh, Ruoyun Chen, Mehvish Ali (back row)

December 6th, Afternoon

ODL Creative Technologist in residence Halsey Burgund offers a workshop on Roundware, a contributory augmented reality app that he created and ODL fellow, Max Musau, play tests his new game, Usawa with the lab. 

Halsey Burgund giving a workshop        Photo Credit: Mehvish Ali

Why Audio AR?                                                                             Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

Max Musau watches people play Usawa                               Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

Sahar and Kidus Playing the game       Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

High Fives all around after finishing the game                       Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

Left to right: Mehvish Ali, Pierre Christophe Gam, Marjolaine Grappe, Ruoyun Chen, Ryat Yezbick

The night ends with dinner and a view.

 View from apartment                                                               Photo Credit: Rashin Fahandej

December 7th, Morning

Nicholas Robbe, CEO of the Augmented Reality app, Hoverlay, offers a workshop. MIT CAST Visiting Artist Albert Figurt (aka Alberto Angelini,) video-artisan and new media scholar, gives a lunch talk about his work with Desktop films. 

AR creation                        Photo Credit: Mehvish Ali

Albert Figurt shows screen movie examples                            Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

Screen movie manifesto slide                                                      Photo Credit: Sarah Wolozin

Time out for interviews

Amber Reyes Lopez conducting an interview with Meghna Singh     Photo Credit: Simon Wood

December 7th, Afternoon

The afternoon starts with a tour of the MIT Museum’s AI exhibit by AI curator Lindsay Bartholomew. The group then visits the MIT.nano Immersion Lab. Big Data Technologist Talis Reks gives the lab a tour of the immersive storytelling equipment and ODL fellow Kidus Hailesilassie gives a demo of his cultural archive project, Uncharted VR using motion capture technology. ODL fellow Sahar Sajadieh volunteers to be the dancer who navigates the archives to access the content.

Ruoyun Chen exploring the AI exhibit   Photo Credit: Mehvish Ali

RuoyunChen  and Mehvish Ali contemplating Deep Fakes      Photo credit: Simon Wood

Talis Reks explains motion capture technology                   Photo Credit: Rashin Fahandej

Kidus watches dancer Sahar in his archive                          Photo Credit: Rashin Fahandej

Dancer Sahar navigates the archive                              Photo Credit: Rashin Fahandej

The evening ends with Scribe Video Center’s founder and filmmaker Louis Massiah’s program, We Tell: 50 Years of Participatory Community Media, a screening exhibition, which chronicles the histories of place-based documentaries, situating their collaborative practices in specific locales, communities, and needs for social and political change.

We Tell: Wages of Work Poster                                                     Poster Design: Mehvish Ali

December 8th, Morning

We begin the morning with a workshop by MIT MLK Scholar and ODL fellow Louis Massiah on participatory methodologies.

Participants gathered around the table for the workshop          Photo Credit: Mehvish Ali

In our closing circle, we talk about our experiences and impressions of the fellowship program.

Rashin reflecting on the fellowship program                             Photo credit: Simon Wood

Left to right: Pierre Christophe Gam, Rashin Fahandej, Milad Mozari

Ryat Yezbick shares some of her thoughts                                  Photo Credit: Simon Wood

December 8, Afternoon

The fellows were treated to an afternoon tour of Boston’s local art scene by ODL Senior Co-Creation Research Practitioner and Emerson Professor Rashin Fahandej. The tour included the Boston Center for the Arts where they were met by Senior Director of Development Alicia Nichols and Associate Director of Exhibition Julia Szejnblum. They also visited Emerson Contemporary. 

The tour begins at BCA’s Mills Gallery                                   Photo credit: Rashin Fahandej

Max Musau taking in the art at Emerson Collective           Photo credit: Rashin Fahandej

BCA’s Cyclorama                                 Photo credit: Rashin Fahandej

Like all good retreats, it ended with food. 

Final dinner                                                                  Photo credit: Max Musau

The themes that emerged out of the retreat were our shared commitment to ethics, bold innovation, community and making the world a better place with stories as diverse as we are.

Left to right: Max Musau, Sahar Sajadieh, Pierre Christophe Gam, Joanna Wright, Lori Landay, Rashin Fahandej, Ryat Yezbik

See you all in 2024!