The world of interactive documentary is at a critical juncture. Challenges– and opportunities– abound.  At MIT’s New Arts of Documentary summit, we asked thought leaders in documentary storytelling, technology, and curation what they found most exciting about the field– what gets you up in the morning-– as well as the challenges they saw ahead– what keeps you up at night.

In this first blog of series, Brett Gaylor (Director, Mozilla Popcorn) and Thenmozhi Soundararajan, (Executive Director, Third World Majority) reveal what gets them up in the morning.

Gaylor discussed open source technologies.


It’s not just what the end user sees. It’s how we’re building these things. The structures matter. Using open technologies, we feel, will allow this form to mature faster.

Soundararajan talked interactive aesthetics.


We’re not just talking about the aggregation of mediums, or disciplines, or protagonists.  It’s not just like it’s a film, a comic book, or a website. What we’re creating is a sense of an aesthetics that’s shared between all of them.