Tracy Heather Strain

Tracy Heather Strain is an award-winning filmmaker, educator and co-founder of the Boston-based media production company The Film Posse. Drawn to stories that reveal the ways that class, race, ethnicity and gender work to shape lives, Tracy weaves individual journeys into society’s larger historical, artistic and cultural narratives, connecting present and past, young and old, forgotten and remembered, insider and outsider.

She has collaborated on range of projects for public television, museums and other non-profits; PBS credits include “The Mine Wars,” “The Rise and Fall of Penn Station,” “Silicon Valley” and “Building the Alaska Highway” for American Experience; I’ll Make Me a World: A Century of African American Arts (Peabody and OAH Erik Barnouw awards); Unnatural Cases: Is Inequality Making Us Sick? (du Pont-Columbia award) and Race: The Power of an Illusion. A graduate of Wellesley College (American Studies) and Harvard University (Technology, Innovation and Education), Tracy is a Professor of the Practice in Media and Screen Studies at Northeastern University’s College of Arts, Media and Design.

With her husband/partner Randall MacLowry, Tracy is presently producing the Lorraine Hansberry Documentary Project, a transmedia storytelling initiative about the artist/activist best known for writing A Raisin in the Sun, which includes the project’s bio documentary feature Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart. The pair is also at work on an American Experience film about the Korean War’s Battle of Chosin Reservoir..