Doc Director, MIT Visiting Scholar

Sandra Rodriguez

Sandra Rodriguez is a documentary filmmaker and a sociologist of new media technologies. Driven by her will to experiment, understand and create with multiple media tools, she has directed, screen written and produced independent films broadcasted and exhibited internationally, including We Were There; Rapayan and The Enemy Within (which won her a Singapore National Youth Achievement Award in 2008). In 2015, she authored and co-directed the 5th episode of the acclaimed Do Not Track web series, a personalized exploration of data tracking in the new web economy (directed by Brett Gaylor, with Upian/NFB/ARTE/BR). As a sociologist, Dr. Rodriguez has published a book and articles on Youth, social engagement, data tracking and mobilization in network cultures. She is a lecturer and a regular speaker on new storytelling, media trends and technologies.

Since 2015, Sandra is a Fellow and Visiting Scholar at the MIT Open Documentary Lab, working on ethical questions of digital storytelling and a research-creation project that aims to rethink impact evaluation and metrics, and their role in changing the stories told around us and about us.