Director, VR Lab at Harvard

Rus Gant

Rus Gant is a well-regarded international 3D artist, computer engineer and educator. Currently on the Research staff at Harvard University and the teaching faculty at Tokyo’s Showa University, he is pursuing work in the future of real-time 3D computer graphics, virtual reality and augmented reality. He is currently the Director of the VR Teaching & Research Laboratory at Harvard and the Lead Technical Artist for the Giza 3D project at Harvard reconstructing the pyramids, temples and tombs on the Giza Plateau in Egypt in virtual reality. For more than 40 years he has applied his visualization skills to work in computer science, education, art, archaeology and museology for some of the world’s leading museums and universities.

As a computer hardware and software engineer, he has constantly been at the forefront of the science of computer visualization. As a Fellow at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies and as a Fellow at the Center for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University, he has created and developed new techniques in 3D graphics, virtual reality and digital archaeology. These techniques have often been applied to the reconstruction of the art and architecture of ancient cultures.