Designer, Triple

Robert Overweg

Robert Overweg melts virtual and physical worlds together.

He helps people, and some of the most prominent companies, obtain a different view on reality. To achieve this he provides guidance in concept development, gives lectures and creates art.

As lead concept and innovation designer at Triple, Robert creates critical business concepts and strategies for A-brands such as Vodafone and RTL.

He develops, researches and predicts the possibilities of Virtual Reality. He has developed two branches in VR. With Beyond Sports and pioneering together with the Dutch National team, Ajax, and others, he has developed a tool which transforms real soccer matches into VR simulations. The other branch, Beyond Care, is focused on making peoples lives better through VR by treating PTSD or helping in the treatment of intermittent claudication.

Robert has also been photographing in virtual worlds since 2007 and has exhibited in a wide range of places including South Korea and, most recently, Centre Pompidou, Paris.