RecoVR: Mosul

Welcome to RecoVR: Mosul, a collective reconstruction, the first virtual reality experience from The Economist. RecoVR: Mosul takes you on a tour of the virtual Mosul Museum in Iraq to showcase the work of Rekrei (formerly known as Project Mosul), a heritage project dedicated to restoring lost cultural heritage through photogrammetry and 3D modeling. The tour highlights antiquities in and around the Mosul Museum that were destroyed by Islamic State in 2015. It tells the story of their destruction and explains how The Economist and Project Mosul reconstructed the antiquities and built the virtual museum.

RecoVR: Mosul was created by Ziv Schneider and Laura Chen in The Economist Media Lab and premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in November 2015. This version features additional VR production by Visualise.

2015 | Ziv Schneider & Laura Chen