Mars 2030

In collaboration with NASA and members at MIT’s AeroAstro Lab, FusionVR presents a virtual reality journey to Mars. Mars 2030 immerses you in the role of the first scientists tasked with establishing a human presence on the Red Planet.

As perhaps our most famous neighbor, having captured our collective imagination and inspired a wealth of books, films, and music for centuries. In all that time, no project has ever allowed you to explore Mars for the thrilling alien environment it is, from its jagged peaks to its subterranean lava tubes, or unlock its unique history firsthand. That’s where we come in. The project has been approached with the highest regard to scientific accuracy and is an exploration of where we are today in achieving mankind’s next frontier. Developed by members of Bioshock Infinite’s technical team and pioneering efforts in multi-directional VR audio led by Source Sound, the project is an intersection of technology, education, and science fueling the next frontier of space exploration.
2016 | Julian Reyes, Fusion | with Sydney Do, Steve Ellmore, Dave Flamburis, Gwen Frey