Founder, Felix & Paul Studios

Félix Lajeunesse

Félix is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Montreal. After extensive work in the Canadian Arctic as a director and director of photography, he teamed up with collaborator Paul Raphaël and created award-winning stereoscopic 3D films, multimedia installations and commercials presented across the world.

The two directors developed proprietary 3D 360° recording technology and software for virtual reality, and with a team of key collaborators founded Felix & Paul Studios, a complete creative, production and technology studio dedicated to the exploration of the storytelling and experiential possibilities of the medium of cinematic virtual reality. Felix & Paul Studios is recognized as a pioneer and key player in the fast-growing industry of virtual reality content. The studio announced a content creation partnership with Oculus, and directed and co-produced Jurassic World: Apatosaurus with Universal Studios and Inside the Box of Kurios alongside Cirque du Soleil Media as well as added Maasai and Nomads: Sea Gypsies to their Nomad Series.