PART 2 – No Turning Back.

We’ve all had that moment (well, those of us not born with iPads!) when we realized there was no turning back on embracing the digital disruption that was taking place.

Looking back I wonder to myself, how could I not have known how dramatically our field would change? It started for me in a fundamental way four and a half years ago when the first generation iPad was released. My daughter Mira was one and as she had a delay in making sounds and words, her young speech therapist had convinced me we should try to use an iPad with her. Watching Mira play on the iPad was truly amazing. Within minutes she was manipulating the screen, and playing and cooing — just in minutes…

But the real epiphany happened watching Mira have her second media experience — TV — six months later. She simply didn’t get it. She was frustrated, literally angry as we told her she couldn’t touch the screen. She stamped her feet and threw a fit. She also looked at us like we were crazy — why did we have this box in our house that you couldn’t touch, manipulate, play with, and talk to? She had no interest in the so called lean-back experience — she was fixated on leaning in (Sheryl, I have nothing to worry about with this one!) and taking control of her own experience.

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