soyk_ project imageMIT OpenDocLab Fellow Jeff Soyk investigates blurring the lines between storyteller, subject and audience in an interactive space. He sees great potential in empowering individuals and merging multiple forms of media to create meaningful experiences that create a lasting impact.

Since 2012, Soyk has studied and worked in the field of interactive documentary. Projects include: the 2013 Peabody Award winner Hollow—a story about small-town America, depopulation, and the meaning of “home” in McDowell County, W.Va.; Wander, Wonder, Wilderness—a cross-platform project in progress exploring our collective relationship to urban wilds in the Greater Boston area; and Bisbee—a storyteller/subject co-creation in progress following a young man named Alexander as he reflects on his unique relationship to home, the small southwestern town of Bisbee, Arizona, and prepares to pursue his passions in a big city.