Game culture and game design have long been thinking about user experience, interaction and emergent narratives. How is VR changing gameplay? Are games driving current trends in VR? What can documentarians and other storytellers learn from VR game designers about spatial, interactive and immersive storytelling? What can game designers learn from filmmakers and documentarians? And what are current advancements in research on simulator sickness? Learn from the creative and R&D team behind Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight.

About the Speakers:

Vicki Ferguson, Lead Programmer, Ubisoft, is the lead programmer on ‘Eagle Flight’, the first virtual reality game released by Ubisoft Montreal. Before joining Ubisoft in 2012, she led the Rendering Special Interest Group at EA Canada where she specialized in advanced character rendering on the Fight Night Series. After 12 years in the industry as a graphics and engine programmer and 8 shipped AAA titles, she had a near-religious experience looking out at the stars from inside a VR headset. Vicki is dedicated to developing the kind of transformative VR experiences that she knows the medium is capable of.​

Olivier Palmieri, Game Director, Ubisoft, started to play videogames like Atari or Apple II at the age of 4 and from then on knew that he wanted to work in this industry. Some years later, in 1998, he joined Ubisoft in Montreuil (France) and worked on Rayman and Ghost Recon in both Game and Level Design. In 2005, he joined Ubisoft Montreal (Canada) and helped shape numerous bestsellers such as Naruto, Assassin’s Creed II and Far Cry 4. Since he was a child, he fantasized about flying and as the Game Director of Eagle Flight, his dream finally came true.

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