sundance institute

In 2013 and 2014, OpenDocLab graduate students attended the Sundance Film Festival as part of the Creating Critics program, a joint initiative between MIT and Sundance.  The students focus specifically on the New Frontier program, a program that showcases “films that expand, experiment with, and explode traditional storytelling.”

This program is designed to foster critical dialogue that will support the current dynamics of innovation in documentary.  As disciplines converge and new story forms emerge, the film world is seeking a way to make sense of it. As top cinema festivals begin to exhibit cross-platform work, audiences are searching for a way to understand it. The program trains a new generation of critics schooled in comparative media and technology to critique digital storytelling.

In addition to attending screenings, pitching stories, and writing coverage to be published on Indiewire’s Criticwire blog, the students participate in a series of workshops to meet with professional film critics and other members of the industry including distributors, agents, publicists and festival programmers.


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