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David Dufresne (Film Director): Interactivity is a very old concept. Interactivity means interface. It could be considered as a ‘machine procedural storytelling system’.

Matt Soar (Concordia University): The concept is close to human experience but I cannot see the meaning today and that’s why it doesn’t mean that much for me. I don’t think a simple definition of interactivity would be helpful at this moment.

Andre Almeida (Film Director): For me interactivity would be any input into a certain piece that changes the course of the story. Interactivity tries to give an answer about the role of the user and how he/she can play with the content.

Ferran Clavell (CCMA Interactiva): You have to think how people will interact with the content. From a broadcaster’s point of view, I’m very interested in the second screen experience.

Christopher Allen (UnionDocs): Interactivity involves a desire to understand the structure of the narrative, it’s sort of a meta thinking of how this is arranged. It’s about creating a sense of wonder and mystery in its best form, how something works and how we can solve some kind of puzzle.

Daniel Burwen (JauntVR): The interface is the key and the difference nowadays. Just by adding an interface and changing what people are doing. It’s a cultural shift to expect the interface to be a part of our media.

Mark Atkin (Crossover Labs): It means empowering the end user to make their own decisions rather than just watching something. It’s putting them at the center of an experience. They have a much stronger appreciation and a deeper level of understanding of the world.

Claire Leproust (Fablab Channel): To me it’s how you will engage the audience to share, to comment, to play, to provide gamification with your content, or look for details, etc. Summing up: a new way to engage with the audience.

Arnaud Dressen (Honkytonk Films): Interactivity is about how you can enrich your experience, entertaining yourself. It has to be something that makes your experience better.

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