Codes & Modes: ReFraming Reality, Virtuality & Non-Fiction Media aims to create an intervention into the uncritical excitement about virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning to establish a space for conversations about long-term socio-cultural and neurobiological impacts. Presenters will discuss how theorists, activists and artists can develop useful frameworks to explore the complex implications of using these emerging technologies. Featured speakers include Lev Manovich (Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab, CUNY Grad Center), Mandy Rose (Co-Director of i-Docs), Daanish Masood (Co-Founder BeAnotherLab), Lina Srivastava (Founder of Creative Impact & Experience Lab), Dan Archer (Founder of Empathetic Media) and Geetu Ambwani (Principal Data Scientist at Huffington Post).

The symposium is on March 16th (evening), 17th & 18th, and includes an artist exhibition & performance. 

Artists: Channel Two, Annie Berman, Nancy Nowacek, Nadav Assor, Ricardo Miranda, Anna Ridler, Heliodoros Santos, Jing Zhou, Jonah Bruckner-Cohen, Liss Lafleur, Greg Garvey, Ruben van de Ven, Halsey Burgund, Sha Sha Feng & Tami Kashia Gold, and Johnston, Richison & Vujnovoic.

The Symposium is sponsored by the Integrated Media Arts MFA Program, the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College and the Emerging Media Technology BTEC Program at NYC College of Technology, the Entertainment Technology Department. The primary locations on the 17th and 18th are the Lang Theater and the Film & Media Television Studio on the 5th floor in the Hunter North building. The opening on the evening of the 16th will be in the Glass Cafe on the 3rd floor of Hunter West.

Symposium Organizers:

Marty Lucas, Associate Professor, Integrated Media Arts MFA Program, Hunter College

Heidi Boisvert, Assistant Professor, Emerging Media Technologies Program, NYC College of Technology

Andrew Demirjian, Assistant Professor, Integrated Media Arts MFA Program, Hunter College

Visit the symposium website for schedule and participants. Reserve your seat on Eventbrite.