Carles Sora is a digital culture scholar at the Department of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University and a new media artist from Barcelona. He has been involved and directed several artistic, museum and digital performance projects which have been exhibited at international conferences and venues. Sora holds a PhD in Social Communication with a dissertation about digital temporalities and a MS in cognitive and interactive systems.

He previously was an artist in residence at Méduse (Quebec), founder of the design exhibition studio Touché and director of a graduate program in digital theater. He has recently founded UPF Starting Lab, an innovative professional incubator program for Audiovisual undergraduate students’ projects.

Sora is now advocating into the social and temporal impact of new immersive and interactive storytelling; in this regard he has published a book about digital time in interactive narratives and has been part of the team that created the webdoc  AmbtítolHe has commissioned a VR exhibition during the last edition of the literary festival Kosmopolis at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

He has recently received a Fulbright grant for a postdoctoral visiting fellow at the MIT Open Documentary Lab, CMS/W.